Optical Physics Company
   Seeing the world in thousands of colors

Since 1997 Optical Physics Company (OPC) has been the provider of a unique combination of competencies in building high precision optics; including mechanical assembly, electronics, optics, computer interfacing, signal acquisition and signal processing.   


OPC has a reputation among its customers for being the go-to resource for addressing seemingly insurmountable challenges and developing innovative methods and sensors where off-the-shelf solutions do not exist.


OPC has core competencies in the design and manufacture of advanced optical systems for imaging, beam control and filtering.  


OPC's specialty domains include:

1.  Adaptive optics, including wavefront sensors and deformable mirrors for HEL

2.  Sensors for accurate tracking of stars and other dim radiation sources

3.  Conformal HEL beam control including acquisition, aimpoint selection and maintenance

4.  Electro-optical (E-O) sensor systems covering visible to MWIR bands

5.  Analytic modeling and wave-optic simulation for HEL systems

6.  Coherent laser imaging through atmospheric turbulence

OPC capabilities include design, trade studies, demonstrations, and flight fabrication. 


OPC has facilities occupying 16,000 sq ft. in Calabasas, California (30 miles west of Los Angeles).


OPC processes are AS9100C compliant.

OPC has developed a new kind of deformable mirror which maintains its surface integrity even after minutes of high energy laser irradiation.


OPC serves the defense industry, both government agencies and prime contractors.  Click to see a lits of our customers.

OPC has been an active participant in several military and space research and development programs. Click to see a list of programs.

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